Priscilla Torres-Lopez

Priscilla began her exploration into the world of yoga in 2014 by focusing only on the asana practice. She really wasn’t expecting much besides an improvement in health, strength, balance and flexibility. Two years into her asana practice a shift in energy occurred, while on the mat, allowing her to cultivate a sense of balance between the material world and spiritual experiences. This led to an exploration of all the branches of the eight-limbed path. Yoga transformed into a place of self-discovery and awareness. This deeper consideration of Yoga helped her become healthier, stronger mentally, and fearless both on and off the mat.

Priscilla completed her 200-RYT teacher training at Yoga4Ewa, under the guidance of Tasha Kauihou, focusing on the traditional style of Ashtanga. Being a student enlightened her to the infinite amount of teachings coming from both teachers and students.

Everyone comes to yoga for a reason and the answers aren’t always prominent in the beginning. Time and guidance allow us to explore self at a deeper level. This is the beauty of living the yogic life. It’s constantly evolving, growing, shifting, and transforming us into beings of light and love. This is Priscilla’s personal mission statement that guides her in her teaching.

As an instructor Priscilla aims to serve and unite her passion for health through mind, body, and spirit, all for the sake of a connection that creates sustainability. She holds a space for her students to explore the healing power of Yoga, assisting them to see beyond their own limits, and to evolve to their fullest potential.