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This the place to find out what we are up to on monthly basis with our community bulletin, SoulShine, or yearly reports.

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theYoke's monthly community bulletin

This alerts folks to new blog posts, upcoming offerings, and a few more fun things.

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   *********** 2023 ************ 

 Where We’ve Been/Where We Are Heading (Winter 2023)

*********** 2022 ************

SoulShine Time (Fall 2022)

Seeking Well-Being (Summer 2022)

Blossom & Bloom (Spring 2022)

New Year New Offerings (Winter 2022)

   *********** 2021 ************

Deep Dive Into Yoga (Fall 2021)

The Many Forms to Yoga (Summer 2021)

Emergence (Spring 2021)

The Mind’s Fluctuations (Winter 2021)

   *********** 2020 ************

Shift Happens (Fall 2020)

Emergence (Summer 2020)

Your Infinite Nature (Spring 2020)

Resolve to Evolve (Winter 2020)

   *********** 2019 ************

Fall into New Patterns (Fall 2019)

On The Horizon (June/July 2019)

Ahhhh Summer!  (May 2019)

Think Off the Mat (March 2019)

Being A Yoga Teacher (February 2019)

Resolving to Evolve  (January 2019)

      *********** 2018 ************

Maybe the Best Present is Being Present (December 2018)

A Time to Be Thankful (November 2018)

Truth Speaking (October 2018)

Seeking A Yogic Life (September 2108)

Keep It Real  (August 2018)

Yoga & Devotion (July 2018)

March Madness  (March 2018)

The Love Inside  (February 2018)

Resolve to Evolve (January 2018)

       *********** 2017 ************

Persistence Unveils the Many Layers of Yoga (December 2017)

An Attitude of Gratitude (November 2017)

Building the Yoga Soul of Community (October 2017)

Aum (September 2017)

Seva: the Karma Yoga path (August 2017)

Being Popular (July 2017)

no newsletter (June 2017)

Taking Action as a Yoga Folk (May 2017)

Acknowledging Gratitude  (April 2017)

Shine on Spring (March 2017)

A Mother’s Love (February 2017)

Resolve to Evolve (January 2017)

    *********** 2016 ************

A Time of Reflection (December 2016)

An Attitude of Gratitude  (November 2016)

The Kaleidoscope Path (October 2016)

Rock Star vs. Plain Old (September 2016)

The Journey of Self to Seva (August 2016)

Seva: the Path of Karma Yoga (July 2016)

The Diversification of Yoga (June 2016)

May You Be Well, May You Be Peaceful (May 2016)

Marvelous Mentors (April 2016)

What is Karma? (March 2016)

Feel the Love  (Feb. 2016)

Evolve the Ego (Jan. 2016)

  *********** 2015 ************

Winter Wonders (Dec. 2015)

…and so we Begin (Nov. 2015)

Why Soulshine? Some define the ultimate aim of Yoga as self-development/self-realization. One could translate this as embodying one’s essence or soul.



Another thought is the allowing of one’s brightness to shine back to another or beyond as the quintessence of Yoga.

annual reports

June 2015

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