Root of the Lotus

Lotus: root of

The Root of the Lotus

(a ten week study of the Yoga Sūtra-s)

One of the most well-known historical Indian sages, Patañjali, is credited with writing the classical work, the Yoga Sūtra-s. Sūtra, literally means “thread,” and “the condensation of the greatest amount of knowledge into the most concise description possible.” This 2,000-year-old treatise on yogic philosophy provides guidance for the challenges associated with being human.

You will consider the application of these teachings to modern times. Using the writings to examine the art and science of Yoga like a magnificent tapestry woven together by the threads of universal truths for life. The study of this sacred text is scholarly and reflective. This is an unique opportunity for reviewing one of the most well known yogic texts, as a way to study the self (svādyāya).

Students in the past have noted how engaging in the material brought them to a deeper understanding of “Yoga.” Also noted was a shift in personal and professional perspectives gained through this study of Yoga in its many forms. Each week a home practice is provided to bring the concepts read into one’s daily life. 

This course begins each new year (or when a group has formed) and meets each week, via modern technology for just over two months.

This is a chance to delve deep.

“Upon reflecting on our study, I know I learned a lot about the yoga sūtra-s. It's a complex, deep text and I thank you for guiding us through it. I also feel that I have taken another step closer to spirituality in my life. I am beginning to notice more divine energy around me. Perhaps I am beginning to have more of that myself and so recognize and hopefully attract it as well. “

– L. Good, partaker of Root of the Lotus

Continuing Education Credits are available upon competition of full course.