About theYoke

The word Yoga tends to invoke an image of individuals in tight pants on a “sticky mat” moving their bodies into stretchy positions. Since its inception The Yoke has been committed to invoking an understanding of the full spectrum – somatic, mental and spirit-based practices – culminating into the term Yoga. Stimulating blogs and podcasts, an extensive online Yoga hub, and donation-based Yoga offerings online and in-person are some of how we do this.

The Yoke’s mobile Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), Alchemy also possess a unique self-leadership component unlike any other seen in other Yoga Teacher Trainings.

We also provide donation-based Yoga classes, The Yoga Folk Book Club, Ripples (The Yoke blog), and The Pods (podcasts).

Additionally, we have other Yoga based courses such as The Root of Lotus, an in-depth study of the Yoga Sūtra-s. And an online library of videos for the purpose of svādhyāya, a Yogic term for self-study and understanding, akin to the modern term self -eadership.


Being A Change Agent

Being a change agent entails vision, persistence, leading by example, asking the tough questions, and building trusting relationships.  Everyone at The Yoke holds a shared vision and persistently strives to fulfill the Yoke’s core values of unity, service and sustainability.

The last three aspects of being a change agent leading, asking and building are exactly what we strive to do every day. It is part of how every Yoke folk learns to be part of this organization. Being agents of change is how we serve each other and how we serve others in the programs we offer.

Who Makes Up theYoke?

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