The ‘withdrawal of the senses’ is the fifth element among the Eight stages of Patañjali’s Ashtanga Yoga, as mentioned in his classical work, Yoga Sūtra-s of Patañjali composed in the 2nd century BCE.


“Pratyāhāra, withdrawal from the sensory world or the practice of turning inward, is about moving toward the core of your being. Rather than attempting to shut off the sensory world, and your reaction to it, yoga encourages you to move in the direction of our inner being, setting a quiet and receptive perspective so that you can begin to look at yourself with greater understanding.” -Eddie Modestini

Pratyāhāra, which means the withdrawal of senses is the fifth limb of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga.

What It Means to Withdrawal

In a world of information overload, the yoga practice of pratyāhāra offers us a haven of silence.

The Art of Sensual Withdrawal

Tired of having a distracted mind? Learn to rein it in through the pivotal practices of pratyāhāra (sense withdrawal), which help you unplug, replenish, and move forward.