What is Coaching?

Is a partnership that aims to improve personal focus and performance. It addresses the ‘here and now’ rather than some distant past or future. Many different models of coaching have and are emerging. The coaching we offer is the backbone to our retreats and in private sessions. It is akin to the Yogic concept of svādhyāya were as a a client you are on learning path about yourself.

What Make Co-Active Coaching so Successful?

“The coachee is held as naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and completely capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face. The job of a Co-Active Coach® is to ask powerful questions, listen and empower to elicit the skills and creativity a client already possesses, rather than instruct or advise.

The “Co” in Co-Active suggests relationship, connection, intimacy and collaboration. Thus, the “Co” in us is curious, listens deeply, hears nuance, holds space for others, intuits and nurtures.

The “Active” in Co-Active stands for power, direction, action and manifestation. So, the “Active” in us is courageous, has clarity and conviction, takes charge and achieves goals.

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Why Would I Want To Participate in Coaching or Coaching-Based Retreats?

Transformative change can happen in almost any type of self-leadership program. However with a Co-Active self -leadership coaching partnership or group setting you obtain the tools to sustain what you learn outside of the retreat. The way you relate to others will feel more engaged and alive. This deeper connection will also give real meaning to your life both in the personal and professional realm.

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