May each conversation plant a seed in the discovery of  living life aligned with your truest Self.

Exploring Yogic Ways of Life Leadership

Spring Podcast

Mindful Voice

Sephanive Keiko Kong: joins TheYoke kula in this vlogcast for an insightful conversation about vibration, sound and beyond. Stephanie has been an actor and singer most of her life. She has taught across the globe, and in this session she invites you into the world of all that is sound and mindfulness. Enter the heart and thoughtful mind of Stephanie’s work as a Mindful Voice teacher and coach.

Winter Podcast

Linking Yogic Ways & Leadership

Janet Stone: joins TheYoke’s founding executive director, LauraLynn Jansen to ruminate on the interweaving of leadership and the ancient philosophical Yogic life path.

“A leaders is soft shoulders and open hands. Saying, ‘I’ve walked this way. I know the path. Let me see if I an show you some steps.’ [It is] someone [who is] constantly stepping on the path.”
– Janet Stone

Fall Podcast

Alchemy: The Blend of Yogic Philosophy & Life Leadership

LauraLynn Jansen: begins the conversation on the overlay between Yoga’s philosophical elements and the world of leadership. It also gives a peek into The Yoke’s upcoming programming as we move into the next decade.

Vlogcasts telling the Stories of...

Yoga Teachers & Students

Linda Frank: explores numerous topics from authenticity and integrity in the teaching field to the wisdom of this ancient science known as Yoga. Linda started her understanding of Yoga in the meditation realm. As a young person she moved to Guam to be a Vista volunteer.  It has now been her home and where she teaches a variety of Yoga offerings with a special focus on those living with/survivors of cancer, for many decades.

Jillian Simms: Though Jillian came to Yoga as a substitute to her physical workouts as a dancer it wasn’t until an overwhelming sensation of Universal accpetance over took her in Śavāsana during one practice session that she became truly hooked. The all encompassing practices known traditionally as Yoga lead her again and again to deeper understandings of herself both inwardly and outwardly.

Nora Lim shares her thoughts and experience as an International Yoga Student and Teacher. Her insights into the global Yoga movement from Hong Kong to India are shared along with her own journey. She also offers her perspective on the many elements of Yoga she incorporates into her own life, hence her sign “Think off the Mat.”

Kelly Wulf’s path to Yoga teacher came out of necessity to serve others first and foremost. As the Program Director of Comeback Yoga she became aware of how she could be of service to military members and veterans. Her motivation for being a Yoga teacher and her experience as a teacher is not a voice often spoken. She offers a perspective of deep consideration for other teachers teaching this population as well as thoughts on how as Yoga teachers we could reflect on our intentions. Grab a cup of tea and sit back and enjoy this conversation between Kelly and LauraLynn, theYoke’s founder and executive director.

Faith Jansen, a lifelong practitioner of Yoga’s many facets for over four decades. Faith has been a dedicated student of Nichiren Buddhism, also known as Soka Gakki International for the majority of her life. She started her investigation of ancient practices with Transcendental meditation before devoting her faith to Buddhism. Now as she turns 69 she is delving even more deeply into āsana and other elements of Yoga. She continues to be a humble student of it all and shares the way her faith continues to grow and learn from all these practices.

Julie Merrill shares with us her expertise in marketing and teaching on the water. Though her main clientele is SUP (standup paddle board) professionals, Julie’s advice about business relates across all fields. She offers a checklist for starting out as a yoga professional (without the support of a studio). Additionally, steps for creating a strong marketing plan is outlined. So grab your note pad and a cup of tea as Julie share her wealth of knowledge.

Amber’s life is a continual revolution and testament to the power of Yoga. Initially, she used Yogic techniques to re-associate herself  with her body post a traumatic sexual assault. Now she is dedicated to the integration of Yoga into every aspect of her life. In this podcast she offers insights for Yoga practitioners, studio owners, single moms and anyone working toward “life balance.”

Khalilah‘s path into Yoga (in all its’ gloriousness) took many years to get started. Imagery of the modern Yoga scene left her questioning her place in it as a black woman. Now years later she is grateful to not only be on the path of learning this ancient tradition, but also being a teacher to reach folks “who look like me.”

Joe Charsagua joins us this month. He shares his journey from being in the Army to a life immersed in and guided via by Yogic practices. Additional resources on Yoga for veterans can be found on theYoke’s website: theyoke.yoga/yogis-tea-room/ytserve/veterans/

We are off to India for a bit.
See you late summer!

March Podcast

Marlene reflects on a multitude of aspects related to living Yoga. She provides many opportunities for reflection on dealing with the intellectual bypassing and how she fosters Yogic values with her two children. She is an Art of Living teacher and long time practitioner.

February Podcast

Teaching internationally now occupies over half of Stephanie‘s teaching time. She tells us about how her new cultural aware eyes are educating her as she leads trainings outside the US. We love her unique video game analogy for teachers, as she gently reminds us all about the most important skill of all, humbleness. She also offers her experiences in the less spoken about nādā Yoga, the Yoga of sound and so much more.

January Podcast

Elle Potter (aka Elizabeth Brodsky) was recognized with an advocacy award by the Yoga Alliance, in 2017, as the founder of Yoga Buzz. She shares how heading up this team effort is bringing a new approach to collaboration amongst studios and sharing Yoga in the St. Louis area. She also shares how the unveiling of an anxiety disorder played out in her life as a Yoga teachers. There are many juicy tidbits-bits about being a Yoga professional in this podcast. So take a break from your day, heat the tea kettle and sit back to enjoy.

November Podcast

October Podcast

Peter Snyder is on a mindful mission in the cultivation of his personal and professional life. In this podcast Peter Snyder shares how creating a life based on a mindful path led him to discover his teacher, Kinlock Walpoe and Zen meditation. We learn of his further exploration into mindfulness and now leading MBSR (mindful- based stress reduction) in the prison system, along with humbling moments of this work.

Marlo Nikkila is a creator of peace in every realm of her work from individual to group interactions. This podcast Marlo sits with shares her thoughts and reflections on the role of competition in the modern Yoga world with theYoke’s executive director, LauraLynn Jansen. They explore the role of competition (both positive and challenging) between students, teachers, studio owners and other Yoga professionals.

September Podcast

Priscilla Torres-Lopez is an Ashtanga teacher who strives to bring yogic living principles into every day life with her three young daughters. She shares how she uses mindfulness and mantra in daily family routines. Priscilla also offers her thoughts on being inspired on her path as a newer Yoga teacher.