The Yogic Self

Our Life-leadership programs are founded on principles analogous to the wisdom recordings of Yogic sages. Yogic aspects related to authentic self understanding encompass the skill of observation and the ability to monitor oneself. Psychologist Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence) writes,

“Exceptional leaders distinguish themselves because of superior self-leadership.”

Alchemy retreats and our video library offerings align with the main purpose of Yoga to unite (yoke/yuj) with our most authentic/true Self. We each hold within each of us all the qualities needed for deep self-awareness and actuality, the becoming of capital ‘S’ Self. Jay Earley, psychologist and author of of Self-Therapy explains:

“We all have a core part of us that is our true Self, our spiritual center. When our extreme parts are not activated and in the way, this is who we are. The Self is relaxed, open, and accepting of yourself and others. When you are in Self, you are grounded, centered, and non-reactive. You don’t get triggered by what people do. You remain calm and unruffled, even in difficult circumstances …”

When you are in Self, you come from a depth of compassion, enabling you to be loving and caring toward others as well as yourself and your parts. The Self is like the sun—it just shines.

Cultivating an aptitude toward these ancient understandings, svādhyāya, is an opportunity. You are nurturing your connection to the uniqueness within and your path to self-understanding and fulfillment.

It is the beginning of being the person you were born to be!

Personal & Professional Development

through a Yogic perspective

The Root of the Lotus*

This four month study of the Yoga Sūtra-s with LauraLynn Jansen establishes a greater understanding of all the key aspects of this ancient practice. Embrace the study of Yoga through this in-depth investigation of these all-encompassing Yogic text. More Information


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