Provide offerings to invoke a sense of unity & sustainability, inter & intra-personally, through a Yogic life leadership lens.

The true aspect of Yoga is to discover that aspect of one’s being that can never be lost."

-Deepak Chopra


Powerful and dynamic life transforming experiences to ignite the light living in one’s soul. Inherently, these experiences assist in recognizing one’s capacity to transcend toward who they are born to be steadily, brightly and sustainably. Ultimately leading each individual to become an agent of personal and/or societal cultural change.

Yoga comes from the  Sanskrit word yuj, meaning to yoke or unite. The traditional practices of Yoga are akin in their mission to the more modern leadership style known as self-leadership. The Yoke marries these two powerful concepts into profound programs changing the lives of everyone who embarks on this journey of self exploration at its deepest level.


Take a gander at these writings, by Yoga folk across the globe, on leading life through the integration of Yogic principles into everyday life.

Conversations with Yoga folk regarding their personal Yoga evolutions and the many facets of the modern Yoga movement.