The Art of Teaching

The Art of Yoga and the exploration of Yoga’s traditional paths or mārgas continues and expands one’s understanding and experience of Yogic union.

Every day encompasses lessons and activities in Bhakti, Hatha, Jñāna, Karma and Rāja to expand personal knowledge while integrating how to share these ancient teachings with others as a Yoga teacher.

Living one’s life, in a yogic manner, now expands into understandings of:

  • subtle body components such as the kośa, kleśa, cakra and nāḍī
  • meditation through both the yogic and scientific “mind”
  • prāṇāyāma and the prāṇa vāyu-s
  • the physiology of meditation
  • a cultural appreciation for Bhakti  based practices and the language of Sanskrit
  • the correlation of one’s dharma and living in an ethical way

Some of the key learnings for becoming a teacher of Yoga offered are:

  • sequence creation process
  • how to cue, align and guide students through āsana 
  • guiding students in how to engage the meditation spectrum
  • a deep dive into the body’s inner and outer workings in anatomy and physiology (taught our lead trainers and a medical doctor)
  • formulation of group dynamics and generating a safe and brave space
  • business aspects related to being an entrepreneur and a Yoga professional
  • gaining a level of discernment regarding cultural appropriateness as a teacher of Yoga

The Art of Teaching is comprised of two week long sessions provided one month apart from each other. In between these two sessions a six-hour online course, Ancient Wisdoms, is provided to introduce three texts: The Bhagavad Gītā, Upaniṣad-s and Haṭha Yoga Pradīpikā.

Everyone completing the YTT will receive the lifelong gift of access to extensive resources (reserved just for graduates) to build, support and sustain being a Yoga professional through The Yoke’s hub (website).

The Heart of Seva

Originally the teachings of Yoga were transmitted orally from teacher to student over years and years. Once you complete your official training you are also offered (as part of your investment in the full training) an additional three months (two sessions each month) of group mentor-coaching with your teachers. This is our offering to honor the continuation of the teacher and student connection.

Private mentor-coaching is also available at any time with The Yoke’s founding executive director, LauraLynn. This is an additional investment in yourself as a Yoga professional.


If you feel compelled by the path of being a teacher of the ancient art of Yoga, but still are not quite sure if it is appropriate for you.

Let us know & we send you a copy of Is Teaching Yoga Your Destiny? to assist you in clarifying if being a Yoga professional is for you.


Scholarship Opportunity

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Art of Teaching Students

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