...the path of devotion

This refers to a person’s devotion to holding in their heart the faith of any spiritual practice. It is pure spiritual devotion, one’s love of God. The limbs of practice within Bhakti are: Śravaṇam, Kīrtana, Smaraṇam, Pādasevana (may include Karma Yoga), Arcanam, Vandana, Dāsya, Sakhya, and Ātma-nivedana.

Bhakti Yoga: The Yoga of Devotion

A deeper explanation of bhakti yoga and definition of the nine practices of this devotional path.

Being a Bhakta  (video)

A “bhakta” is a person who practices “bhakti,” or loving devotion to god or the divine. Bhakti, as a spiritual path of love, is considered highly accessible, because it allows for the devotee to draw from personal, everyday experiences of love.

BLOGS (about Bhakti)

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