The Art of Yoga

The Art of Yoga immerses you into self-study, svādhyāya, by encompassing practices of the heart, body, mind and soul. This experience begins where the typical Yoga class ends. This course takes place online and in-person.

Part I:

Your journey begins with the study of the Yoga Sūtra-s with LauraLynn Jansen through an offering we call The Root of the Lotus. This online offering begins in January and goes through March. Foundational knowledge of Yoga, as a life practice, is discussed and explored via key sūtra-s. The written words of the ancient sage, Patañjali, are considered as guides for life in the modern world.

Part II:

Your understanding of Yoga is widened through direct experiences with our lead trainers in a seven day immersion. This next portion of the journey dives into self beyond the mat. Our unique model takes the lens of self-discovery and broadens it to consider our roles in the greater community and world in which we live. The mārga (yogic paths) are engaged every day. This includes:

Bhakti practices bring forth the subtleties to pronouncing auṁ and other basic Sanskrit terms.

Hatha sessions offer a systematic way to engage your physical practice through the RAE (Rooting, Alignment, Engagement/Expansion & Soften), as well as how to set up a home practice in Yin style.

Jñāna engagement will encompass the examination of chosen texts meant to provide multitude of perspectives on yogic philosophy.

Karma consideration encompasses personal action as a first step to being a part of community. Topics surrounding cultural awareness and appropriation are part of this path.

Rāja exploration allows time to discover and practice daily the elements essential to establishing a meditative practice.

Additionally, be introduced to basic anatomy and physiology as it relates to āsana and prāṇāyāma.

Anyone can participate in this portion of the experience. (whether or not you wish to become a teacher of Yoga).

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